Signs of depression

We understand the trauma you go through.

Let’s look at the facts:

Depression is a mood disorder that affects us mentally and physically: our feelings, thoughts, physical energy, coping with everyday issues, work, our environment and other people around us.

Signs of depression

The signs and symptoms of depression have a large range. Everyone experiences depression in different way. However, some commonality does exist in people who suffer from depression. Everyone feels “moody” once in a while and that is normal. If symptoms such as

last more than two weeks you are experiencing depression.

It is time to contact a healthcare professional and get the right treatment.

Types of depression

Depression is a mental illness that debilitates a person to normally function mentally and physically in daily bases.

Types of depression include :

Major Depressive Disorders

Peri and Post-Partum Depression

Other Depressive Disorders include 

For more information visit:

Surprising Signs of Depression Slideshow


​Depression as a mental health disorder is treatable. The first step toward a treatment is to contact a healthcare professional who can discuss with you the different types of treatments and help you connect with other team members. Treatments may include medication, psychotherapy, counselling, recreational therapy and nutritional therapy.

signs of depression

Select your environment

When dealing with depression it is important to select the right crowd to hang out with. Emotions are contagious and the last thing a person in depression needs is negativity. As this mental illness takes a toll on your body and mind, it is important to surround yourself with family members and friends who understand your situation, are there to listen to your issues and provide help.

Risk factors

Economic and educational status is another factor. Research shows that people with lower education and financial instability are more likely to be affected by depressive disorders.

Take care of yourself

Dedicating time to yourself is not selfish; it shows care and love towards the most important person you know. Here are some tips for self-care which will help you boost your mood and as a result help you manage some of the depression symptoms.

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