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A life without addiction

Welcome to UMC

​​​Alcohol and drug addiction, among other addictions, takes a toll on the person's life and their family's mental health. We would love to help you regain control of your present and build a better future. The uniqueness of UMATTERCARE is based on the provision of holistic, personalized, trauma-informed and research-based care. Our services are available in the GTA and beyond.

Steps towards mental wellness

Our Promise to You

Problems with Alcohol abuse or Drug use?

Let us help you.

A safe environment for your detox and rehabilitation.

Opportunity for each client to succeed by implementing safe and evidence-based practice in a safe and caring environment

Client-specific treatments

Detox and rehabilitation

Personalized plan of care 

Prevention plan

Unlimited follow-up care

Healthy balanced meals and snacks 

​Self-care promoting therapy

Physical activities to maintain health and increase physical and psychological functionality

Learning essential life-skills 

Daily living activities based on client’s specific needs

Mental illness is not a choice...

Our Services

Substance abuse makes the mind and body become dependent on chemical substances. ​We offer the ultimate treatment for mental health illnesses that cause inability to fully function in personal, social and professional aspects of daily life.

Is addiction a mental health disorder?

A disorder of any kind is a DYSFUNCTION of, not-well FUNCTIONING, functioning DIFFERENTLY from the usual.

A mental disorder relates to one’s behavioral changes, mood changes, limited or non-functionality in everyday life such as missing work, school, family engagements, social events, physical activities, eating properly and other daily living activities.

There comes a time when we need intervention from certified professionals to help us cope with life challenges, such as addictions, anxiety, depression and other illnesses.

Steps towards mental fitness

Review of our Clients

Family member
"The day I met you at the detox, I immediately got a good vibe and new that my husband was in good hands. He was somewhere safe, where | didn't have to worry about him and could try to focus on my kids"
" I'm almost afraid to say it out loud...but every thing is awesome...the air smells fresher...everything seems more clear to me.../ can deal with challenges because I know you are by my side"
"Thank you so much for everything L. You really did make a difference in my life and thinking of it, I have officially stopped thinking about everything in life has thank you once again for your time and effort you put into treating me"
Kaela M.
“I feel the highest I have ever been in my life. This is first day of my new life. I’m so high on energy and life All I want to do is spread the truth all over the world. The highest high is within YOU!!! Omg you have changed my life forever”
Alex K.
“Sober still no drink or drugs I feel like a new person! I can’t thank you enough for showing me what real life is all about. How special it really is! You are my Angel forever”
Daniel H.
“Starting the DUI program, I thought I was just going to do it because I had to, but I learned a lot…it made me think the way I never thought before…I gained so much…I learned very useful tips I am now applying in my everyday relationships. Thank you for your help.”
Wazair Z.
"My time and experience with you UMATTER was truly amazing. I had L. as my alcohol rehabilitation counselor, she was so helpful and very understanding. She also helped me learn how to deal with my emotional thoughts and help me quit my alcohol addiction. I've never felt as good as I do now mentally and physically. Thank you, L. once again for truly making a difference in my life. I recommend her to anyone who is in a situation who is facing any types of addiction and is seeking help."
Christina C.
"At a very low point in my life, even with so many loved ones surrounding me, L. gave me the strength I needed to persevere. Her calmness, reality to life and perspective was a shining light in what felt so dark. Loretta’s truly amazing and a pure gift to those she supports through life."

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