Overcoming Addiction

Struggling with Alcohol and/or Drug Addiction

Addiction is NOT a choice

Detox and rehabilitation treatment

  • Our detox and rehabilitation treatment practice evidence-based and trauma-informed care to help you detox from drug use and alcohol abuse.
  • Our clients have the opportunity to successfully detox and recover in a safe and caring environment.
  • Client-centered care is the best approach for a safe detox and successful recovery.
  • A personalized plan of care is necessary to identify the client’s needs before starting the detoxing process. It involves the client and the professional team.
  • Self-care promoting therapy helps with creating and maintaining healthy habits which replace the bad habits created from the addiction.
  • Healthy and balanced nutrition help with the detoxification process, boost the immune system and maintain a healthy drug-free body and mind.
  • ​A prevention plan and unlimited follow-up care are the keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being free of drugs.
  • Physical activities help increase physical and psychological well-being and as a result, keep one away from the addiction.
  • Learning essential life skills helps with identifying triggers and overcoming stresses.
  • Daily living activities promote independence, increase self-esteem and overcome addiction.

Our services are tailored to clients’ needs. So each successful story starts with the right support throughout the journey. Addiction is not a choice therefore our experienced team understands your struggles. Where others see weakness, where we see an opportunity for success.

Our detox and rehabilitation treatment is client and family-focused

  • Mental health treatments
  • Detoxing from substance use and alcohol abuse
    under medical supervision
  • The only facility to provide at-home detox
  • Recovery treatments following the detox
    (amount of time is dependent on the client’s needs)
  • Relapse prevention plan and follow-up for all clients​
  • ​Individual, couples, and family therapy
    ​(offered only at this facility)
  • One-on-one counseling (based on individual needs)

  • Facilitation of community resources
  • Assistance connecting with housing and financial institutions.
  • Resumé building and job-seeking for a successful bridging toward a healthy lifestyle
  • Interactive art therapy such as painting,
    journaling and dance classes
  • Stress relief therapy such as massage therapy,
    yoga, stretch classes, and meditation
  • Outdoor activities to promote socialization
    and healthy interactions
  • Shopping trips to promote independence,
    self-control and financial management

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