Addiction treatment

Addiction harms our present and our future

Addiction is a complex issue and harmful to your well-being. Addictive behaviours take control of some or all aspects of your life,you may be familiar with some types of addictions, such as gambling, alcohol abuse, and drug use. But you may become imprisoned by uncontrolled behaviours, which slowly take away your freedom and power to make decisions. Examples include the amount of time you spend on social media and the types of food you put in your body. 

People who often struggle with addiction have co-occurring mental health problems. More often, childhood trauma is linked to addiction problems. It is also related to ongoing physical and/or emotional pain. And to not feel this pain, you may use prescribed narcotics, alcohol or other drugs to cope and function normally. Also, because you may feel the need to “fit in” or “be liked and accepted by others”, you might use harmful substances to “chill” or loosen up.  

Because stigma can appear as prejudice or discriminatory, it can stop anyone from seeking the treatment required. Each of us is responsible for creating a safe and understanding environment for the person who struggles with any type of addiction. 

Facts about addictions

  • Males are more likely to use illegal substances
  • Youth between 15 and 25 years old are more likely to use illegal substances
  • Number of females becoming addicted has increased
  • Alcohol is the most misused substance
  • Addiction can be treated

Risk factors that play an important role in addictive behaviours

Group addiction therapy

Addiction problems are the result of many factors that interfere with our daily life. When someone suffers from a prolonged health issue and also lacks the tools to deal with it, it is almost inevitable and easier to turn to substance abuse. Some other factors that may put you at risk for developing abusive behaviours are:

  • Biological
  • Family behaviours
  • Social norms
  • Trauma (physical or emotional)
  • Family dynamics
  • Pain
  • Grief

When environmental factors and genetics combine, they create a greater risk for addictive behaviours.