Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Many relationships go through obstacles during a couple’s time together. There may be different factors that contribute to friction in a relationship, especially as years go by. Financial situation, illness, substance use or abuse and increased stress are some of the factors. Some of those factors can create conflict between the partners. Couples therapy helps the partners and spouses face and overcome challenges that may negatively impact the healthy connection between the two individuals.

We all know communication is key to preventing a lot of troubles in a relationship. But, sometimes we don’t pay much attention to the way we talk to each other. You may think it’s too late to change the way we express our emotions and feelings so we give up trying to fix what’s “broken”.  The inability to understand our partner and come to a common ground creates resentment toward one another.

It’s never too late to start reliving the joy that a healthy relationship brings. A professional therapist can use the skills and the knowledge to effectively help couples improve their relationship. Couples therapy not only helps with the romantic aspect of relationships but is also effective in helping resolve intrapersonal conflicts. A therapist can help you both cope with environmental stressors or responsibilities, whilst maintaining healthy communication, teamwork, understanding, and compassion for one another. Couples therapy doesn’t have to be an option when a relationship starts to show signs of collapse, it can also be an incredible preventative measure for healthy couples as well.

What makes a relationship healthy

For a relationship to remain strong and survive the challenges of life, the couple needs to prepare for difficulties that may come their way. There are a few things that are crucial in a relationship. Respect between the partners is the key to a long and healthy lifestyle. When the couple shows respect for each other they will always find the best ways to work things out so they will also find the most appropriate way to discuss their issues. That is called respectful communication. 

Remember that within a relationship, there is not much room for “I” but “us” has immense power. The partners or spouses need to see each other as sources of support and not enemies. Working on the issues, setting up common goals and growing together in every aspect is a team effort. 


Couples therapy