We understand the trauma you go through.
Steps towards an addiction-free life

About Us

​​The uniqueness of UMATTERCARE is based on the provision of holistic and personalized care. We are a fully licensed Mental Health & Addiction Medical Service provider in the GTA and beyond, and we would love to help you on your journey toward healing and recovery from drug use and alcohol abuse.

To achieve optimal and addiction-free mental health, we offer our clients evidence-based and trauma-informed care services that combine personalized treatment, diverse therapies and wellness activities.

We take pride in serving Canadians who suffer from addiction, mental health illnesses, and struggle
with finding the right facility that provides the best holistic care.
Each client is unique, treated with the utmost respect, and safely cared for.

To provide individualized, holistic, trauma-informed care in the specialty of
​​​ addictions and mental health. To promote health and restore lives.


Caring: We act with care and compassion to support our clients, communities, and each other.

Excellence: Our promise and commitment is to provide clinical excellence
and world-class customer care.

Respect: Our organization is built on deep respect for individuals, families and
communities we serve.

Accessibility: Our programs and services are client-focused, accessible,
culturally relevant and trauma-informed.

Innovation: We leverage the knowledge of science and the wisdom of experience
to inspire hope, health and recovery.

Integrity: Our organization is built on a foundation of honesty, trust, ethical conduct,
​ professionalism and accountability.

Mental health reflects many aspects of our daily life such as psychological, emotional, social and physical.

​Imbalances caused by persistent stress and trauma make us feel ill.

We serve all clients who experience and struggle with

Addiction to drug use and/or alcohol abuse

Anxiety and Depression

Driving under the influence and dealing with assault

Difficulties to stop prescribed narcotics

Other mental health issues caused by prolonged illnesses and poor health

According to Statistics Canada, 1 in 5 Canadians suffers from mental illness and the World Health Organization
​classifies it as another leading cause of disability. The number of people with mental illness keeps increasing.

Loreta Doga, RPN, RN-BN, Phychotherapist

Meet the founder

​Loreta grew up in a family of medical professionals. Love for others, demonstrating compassion and understanding toward the ones in need were what she learned from her parents.

Her passion for caring and helping others grew stronger when she was involved in a major car accident, which caused her to suffer from deep depression. She describes it as “the deep dark hole”.
“I was lucky to have an amazing professional team by my side. My life turned around when I realized someone was always there for me,” she says when talking about taking control of and managing her mental illness.
Loreta is also the co-founder of her community newspaper.
She is a writer and publisher in the Albanian language.
Speaks fluently in Albanian and Italian.
She takes pride in her work, and her life’s goal is “to become the best mental health support for people who struggle with a very important part of our well-being, mental health”.

"Mental illness is no different than heart illness or any other illness of our body. Just because it is not visible does not mean it's not there. "

"M. Obama"